Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sultry Strands 11.27.14

Rounded the corner to find this dripping Spanish Moss backlit from the bright sunshine and knew it was worth a shot. Noticed the dewy railing wire, the lichen-splashed tree bark and the near circular leafy texture of the coco plum in the background in post-production.

Subject & Background - The epiphyte is the subject, but there are certainly a number of competing factors...most of which complement the subject (rather than compete?)
Balance - Various tones weigh in well, but wonder if too much texture variety
Point of View - Slightly angled to capture the railing and tree trunk
Simplicity - Without the sunlit coco plum, there may have been better simplicity 
Geometry (points, lines, shapes) - The lines and curves - multidirectional - are most noticeable
Repetition - Repeating lines in the railing are the most prominent
Rule of 1/3s - Pretty much ignored in this shot....
Perspective -  Nothing particularly noticeable
Symmetry - None  
Depth of Field - Created more by railing lines
Intersections - Intersections within railing and also between Spanish Moss and railing
Freedom Park, Naples, FL

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