Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dreary with a Touch of Pink 11.09.14

So much for the hopes of a sunny Sunday...though it looks like the youth regatta remained on schedule. And, there's always plenty of 'catch up' work to do inside. 

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - a day I remember vividly, not only because of what it symbolized at the time, but also due to my own experiences at and around the site prior to the fall of the Wall. We were stationed in Heidelberg, Germany in the mid '60s (my father was in the Army) and visited friends in Berlin. I remember being petrified when we were stopped at Checkpoint Charlie crossing in and out of the area by train - the guards were menacing and the large dogs appeared to be constantly growling. I'm sure this memory was a bit exaggerated with a child's imagination, but there was definitely a sense of intimidation. My father was not allowed to tour East Berlin with my mother and me due to his security clearance, but he did manage to cut a piece of the Wall's barbed wire which I still possess as a remembrance of the experience...and its symbol.
Lowdermilk Park @ Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL  

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