Sunday, November 23, 2014

Faraway Flags 11.22.14

Didn't get a chance to explore many of the sessions at the Global Education Conference this year - at least the 'live' version, but thankfully, recordings are archived. I did get in on Paul Salopek and Liz Dawes Duraisingh's presentation of Out of Eden Learn - an awesome retelling of the human migration story with a 7 year walk through the continents. Paul is sharing with classrooms across the world as he goes - what a learning opportunity.

Subject & Background - The cypress tree is the obvious subject, but by the title, one might see the faraway flags as an unfocused subject
Balance - Plenty of dark and white are in balance, but I also like the linear versus the feathery mass
Point of View - Purposely worked this shot to get the flying flags in the background but if I'd been a bit taller, I could have got them even with the opening in the branches
Simplicity - Wish those power lines were more blurred out, but like the general simplicity
Naples, FL

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