Thursday, April 30, 2009


APR302009, originally uploaded by colemama.

What propels you? Is it power, money, fame? Is it external or internal? Does it depend on the situation or is there really an underlying motivator for most of your actions? What about others - can you influence their propeller? If so, how?

Lots of questions...I know! It is interesting to consider the motivators of human behavior and it is fascinating (and sometimes frightening) to self-examine and analyze our own propellers! Nonetheless, the more awareness, the better understanding and the further likelihood of acceptance, change, or other appropriate action. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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"Help - I'm being held captive behind these bars!," cried the Radio Flyer. Ever have that feeling? You crave freedom from the deadlines, the rat race, and the general nonsensical hoops through which to jump! Sure, we all do! Fortunately, unlike this little red wagon, we can self-power and self-motivate beyond these least, that's what I try to tell myself! 2nd Ave S & 6th St, Naples FL

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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A totally uninspiring day until I realized I could probably catch the sunset ... something about the warm and colorful hues, the recognition of our small place in the universe, and the utter stillness of the sun's descension provide an inner peace and balance. There's a certain sadness in knowing that this day has come to a close, but like a good book, there are memories and there is also the knowledge that another is coming our way! 3rd Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

Monday, April 27, 2009


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The universal language of these kinds of signs provide either a vague or direct type of communication that continues to provide meaning despite the 'native' language. Like a smile or other facial expression, graphic symbols are powerful messages. Sometimes the simplicity offers so much more connection ... though there is little room for conversation! Davis Blvd and U S 41 East, Naples, FL

Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Such balance, fluidity, and ingenuity - these skimmers fly low along the surface with their bills agape skimming the surface for small fish! Their feeding dance is quite flowing and mesmerizing to watch (and quite difficult to capture on still - wish I'd had a video camera!). But the end result is all about basic survival and adaptation to nature. Sometimes I wonder if we are equipped with all the necessary tools and conditions for meeting those basic needs...or have we become too complacent? or too reliant on a modern world? 5th Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Healthy, green, waxy seagrape leaves open up to the morning sun...their berry stems stretching beyond, offering varied texture and shadows. What a welcoming and calming sight! In focus and with meaning, thought and reflection become priority - it was difficult to leave this view, my eyes were magnetized, my mind was clear, and my optimism was accentuated. 4th Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

Friday, April 24, 2009


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Construction continues on our campus (a recurring theme) - as we endure the process, we are not only supporting the economy, but we will also inherit a beautiful product at the end...but, beware, the final occupancy is not scheduled until February 2010.

The continuous and rounded lines of a cylinder are so reflective of our world (and mine, in particular, today) ... the death of one offers a life for another, the flames of fire provide growth anew, the evaluative look at one's life leads to shedding and change ... all with a depth of three-dimension. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Spending Earth Day 2009 in the air or at airports waiting for flights - can't think of a worse way to honor and sustain one of our most precious resources...but trying to make positive use of a wasted day with a good read! LAX, Los Angeles, CA


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There was plenty of growth in my absence - LOL - one of the many things I forgot to do in the rush to leave! :) Ever notice that as much as you plan, there's always something amiss - good thing there's always room for 'plan B'! In this case, as much as I would like to save for the garden, our climate would kill it soon. Also thought it would be a good science experiment, but the experience would be lacking without the beginning. I'll offer it to the wildlife sanctuary, but not sure their inhabitants will appreciate! Other ideas??? Naples, FL

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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Honu (green turtle) resting on lava and coral beach is not as common a sight as snorkeling in the numerous tidepools and cays along the shoreline. Our three mile morning walks took us along the ocean's scalloped edges and revealed flora and fauna alike. Mauna Lani, Hawaii


APR202009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Cyclical in nature, all things must come to an end and rejuvenate into new beginnings. Our best night for catching the Hawaiian sunset comes as we end our trip here and plan for the transition back to the 'norm'! Nothing beats a the stripes of colorful clouded sky, ocean blue, and shoreline - this one punctuated by lava rocks! Mauna Lani, Hawaii

Monday, April 20, 2009


APR192009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Another beautiful vista ... and another steep hike - about 2,000 ft elevation difference (and I'll be sore tomorrow!). Once down in the valley, the lush greenery gives way to a black sand beach and aquamarine waves of the Pacific Ocean (a surfing area for locals - definitely not for beginners). Needless to say it is a favorite, but you really earn it with all of the exertion! An extra treat are the wild horses that frequent the area and have been 'tamed' enough to touch. Waipi'o Valley, Hawaii

Sunday, April 19, 2009


APR182009, originally uploaded by colemama.

This Hawaiian Farmer's Market was a feast for the eyes, nose...and taste buds! Seeing the harvest serves as an appreciation not only for the miracle of the diversity and growth, but also a tribute to those whose gift of labor make if possible. As one might imagine, the wallets got a little thinner after our visit, but it was well worth it! Waimea, Hawaii

Saturday, April 18, 2009


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Surf's up! ... went down to Kahalu'u Beach to check on surfing lessons for the teens and discovered quite the group. A friendly and inclusive atmosphere prevailed and one definitely begins to appreciate the laid back lifestyle. This hot spot is also home to St. Peter's Church which is a picturesque clapboard building with origins back to the late 1800's. This and similar scenes help to create a less stressful environment, but 'balance' plays a major role! Kahalu'u Beach, Hawaii

Friday, April 17, 2009


APR162009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Another day of vog (volcano fog), but at least that keeps the temperatures cooler! Had a great time hiking down to the black beach and lush green valley - of course, hiking back up was an entirely different story! Pololu Valley, Hawaii

Thursday, April 16, 2009


APR152009, originally uploaded by colemama.

I've been up for almost 24 hours and it is still April 15th thanks to traveling through a number of time zones...Landed in overcast weather and just got this one shot of view from the house. Hoping for sunny skies and a clearer head tomorrow! Mauna Lani, Hawaii

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


APR142009, originally uploaded by colemama.

This was my reward for stopping on Alligator Alley in the Everglades - a great blue heron! We spooked each other and I was lucky to get this shot and the one in flight - a real test of my luck indeed!

The unusual and expansive vistas of this ecosystem go on for infinity it seems (see more in the Everglades set). It is rather desolate as the sawgrass is quite dense and only inhabited by alligators and birds. There are two Indian tribes that maintain reservations in the Everglades, but their means of survival has definitely moved more commercial (gambling/gaming, ecotourism, and resort industry). I enjoy the drive though as it is a time for drinking in the wide open space and reflecting about most anything - and occasionally seeing the alligators (not this trip though!). Alligator Alley, Everglades, FL

Monday, April 13, 2009


APR132009, originally uploaded by colemama.

The jacaranda tree is full of lovely lavender blossoms this time of year, though compared to other years, it is a bit sparse. Nonetheless, it is another sign of spring in tropical southwest Florida - interestingly, our hot and humid weather seems more like summer these days! Naples, FL

Sunday, April 12, 2009


APR122009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Easter morning walk in the foggy air still yielded a couple of remaining lake flower stalks - cobwebs and bug, too! The cycle of nature continues despite the harried world in which we live - always nice to catch it in action! Melbourne, FL

Saturday, April 11, 2009


APR112009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Visiting my mother for the holiday weekend - she has four pineapples growing! They're quite small now and won't be ripe for another four months, but still neat to see new growth from an old pineapple top! Melbourne, FL

Friday, April 10, 2009


Apr102009, originally uploaded by colemama.

After a hard day's work, there was rest! The construction project on our campus continues to take shape! The tools of the trade are so primitive...and yet if the trained person knows how to use the tool effectively, the results are astounding! For now, with the upcoming weekend, the tools and the operators have earned a well-deserved break. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Thursday, April 9, 2009


APR092009, originally uploaded by colemama.

I've been eyeballing this padlock as a photo subject for awhile, but had no clue that it wasn't totally locked nor that it had a splash of red paint on its shackle! Ah, the details a camera lens can provide!

What does it represent to you? Coincidentally, I've recently been engaged in content regarding teens' right to privacy...and their need to share on the web. This lock and its position remind me of adults' attempt to protect these digital youth from the 'negative' influences on the internet - specifically, social networking sites. Though their intentions may be positive, the impact of filtering and banning usually sends the wrong message - one of distrust and power, even mystery inviting more curiosity! Furthermore, those methods of prevention are easily overcome (i.e., proxies) by most motivated students. So, the lock here is only for show - a weak attempt to protect this property. How about the 'locks' we engage to 'protect' the next generation? Are they effective or are we leaving them 'open'? Do we even need them or is there another way (i.e., education about responsibility, ethics, decision making and those other digital citizenship skills?) Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


APR082009, originally uploaded by colemama.

The mahogany's leaves are turning colors as they drop in preparation for new growth. Similar to the brilliance of reds, oranges and yellows found in the northern states during the fall season, this semi-deciduous tree is among company in SW Florida as the sea grapes and tabebuias make the 'change' as well. Unlike their northern neighbors, though, the branches will not stay bare for very long as the new greenery brings them back to their 'normal' state within weeks.

Thinking about the normalcy of this change got me to thinking about trying to make change in traditional practices - how is it that human nature seems to be so resistant to change? Is there something in the psyche that is strong enough to counterbalance nature? Or are the developed brain cells 'thinking' too much and not allowing change to take its course? Something to ponder! 3rd Ave S & 6th St, Naples, FL

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


APR072009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Just a random shot of a stairwell, processed with high contrast...The upward perspective seems optimistic despite the glare on the railing and the heavily textured plaster wall adds a depth unseen in the other smooth linear elements. The monochromatic hues are rather dull, but serve a nice backdrop to the diversity of color that trod up and down the one flight of steps. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Monday, April 6, 2009


APR062009, originally uploaded by colemama.

The white bird of paradise is not nearly as colorful as the traditional orange one, but it flaunts the same 'show' as its counterpart. It is often artfully placed in a landscaped area for a dramatic and tropical effect - but, beware, it can be very invasive, expanding beyond desire. It is easy to be duped by the 'halo effect' whereby the beauty or pleasant look of a person or object is translated to all characteristics and/or overall perception as being attractive. Taking a critical eye to see both the pros and cons (or strengths and weaknesses) allows a truer meaning. Credit Union Drive Up, Horseshoe Dr., Naples, FL

Sunday, April 5, 2009


APR052009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Very often, timing is what matters...Lucky for me, I stumbled upon this yellow orb rising from the east over some light misty fog and the roof of Tin City this morning. Given a few moments before or after and I most likely would have missed this capture! The intensity of color and contrast never fail to stop me in my tracks - and so starts a new day! Have a good one! 6th Ave N & 7th St., Naples, FL

Saturday, April 4, 2009


APR042009, originally uploaded by colemama.

How do you use that extra 10 minutes between appointments - not enough time to do much for me this afternoon, except to let the eyes and the mind picture a photograph...This is the Collier Co Public Library - Naples branch and it has some beautiful yellow tabebuias in bloom (I promised no more pictures of them this year though!). While I watched their golden petals flutter in the light breeze, my eye wandered to both the crazy brick pattern (yes, there's definitely a pattern, but it looks like the bricklayer took a beer break or something) and the various roof lines (marked by the teal colored fascia) that I had never noticed in the 20 years I've visited here. Anchored with the matching teal street light pole, this brick facade became my photo of the day! 1st Ave S & 6th St, Naples, FL

Friday, April 3, 2009


APR032009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Totally intrigued with this sweeper attachment for a large piece of construction equipment, I just had to take a shot of it! I'm fascinated by the textures...the photo almost looks like a magnification of some strange organism under a microscope. There's a certain element of art that contradicts its rather routine function. Rather than be satisfied with the dull and continuous job of moving dirt and sand around, these metal fibers strut their individualism with ridged as well as smooth surfaces, jutting out in different directions. perspective is likely exaggerated, but it is a nice mind diversion for a Friday afternoon! Naples, FL

Thursday, April 2, 2009


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'Busy as a bee' - that reflects this week for me and it's not even Friday yet...but tomorrow will come soon enough!!

I really thought last weekend was the last of my yellow tabebuia photos for this year...but couldn't resist when I saw these bees! :) Naples, FL

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


APR012009, originally uploaded by colemama.

This "BAAT MAN" almost became a flat man as he cut me off weaving in and out of traffic today ... and that's no April Fool's Joke! Thought I don't own one, I don't hate motorcyclists and I make efforts to respect their space on the road, but it truly amazes me that people take so little responsibility for their own lives!

Despite my rant and the fact that this was taken through a pretty dirty windshield, the double side mirrors on both sides (from the motorcycle and the car) make this kind of interesting. Goodlette-Frank Rd & US 41 E, Naples, FL