Thursday, April 9, 2009


APR092009, originally uploaded by colemama.

I've been eyeballing this padlock as a photo subject for awhile, but had no clue that it wasn't totally locked nor that it had a splash of red paint on its shackle! Ah, the details a camera lens can provide!

What does it represent to you? Coincidentally, I've recently been engaged in content regarding teens' right to privacy...and their need to share on the web. This lock and its position remind me of adults' attempt to protect these digital youth from the 'negative' influences on the internet - specifically, social networking sites. Though their intentions may be positive, the impact of filtering and banning usually sends the wrong message - one of distrust and power, even mystery inviting more curiosity! Furthermore, those methods of prevention are easily overcome (i.e., proxies) by most motivated students. So, the lock here is only for show - a weak attempt to protect this property. How about the 'locks' we engage to 'protect' the next generation? Are they effective or are we leaving them 'open'? Do we even need them or is there another way (i.e., education about responsibility, ethics, decision making and those other digital citizenship skills?) Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

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