Friday, April 3, 2009


APR032009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Totally intrigued with this sweeper attachment for a large piece of construction equipment, I just had to take a shot of it! I'm fascinated by the textures...the photo almost looks like a magnification of some strange organism under a microscope. There's a certain element of art that contradicts its rather routine function. Rather than be satisfied with the dull and continuous job of moving dirt and sand around, these metal fibers strut their individualism with ridged as well as smooth surfaces, jutting out in different directions. perspective is likely exaggerated, but it is a nice mind diversion for a Friday afternoon! Naples, FL


  1. Yes, cool photo of a simple object. And I like your musings too!

  2. My first thought as I looked at this was it was something growing - grasses in a field. Then I read - just shows you have to look beneath the surface. I too, enjoy your musings.