Tuesday, March 30, 2010


03.30.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

With an effect from Picnik, these fresh cut limes look as pungent as they smell. The intensity is a bit much for one who normally seeks the natural balance, but sometimes the 'extreme' is attractive. Though some issues deserve my passion or opinion (pro or con), others are simply at the fulcrum. Some may view that as 'wishy-washy' or 'fence-sitting', but it can also be viewed as an attempt to be more open to both sides and to only prioritizing things that matter, rather than judging unimportant things. Perceptions vary - but, often are not shared. Naples, FL

Monday, March 29, 2010


03.29.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The tea kettle may have lost some of its glamour and function due to the advent of the microwave oven, but its unmistakable whistle signals boiling water every time! Reliability rules! :)

Dependability and consistency are basic traits we have grown to expect in our daily lives. Starting with the morning's alarm clock and continuing through the day with everything from the car's ignition 'prrr' to the computer operating system's auditory 'check-in', there are many things that we come to rely on every day. Such a trustworthy relationship is both expected and valued - so much so, that we often elevate its worthiness...even beyond validity. I sometimes wonder if that has been influencing the focus on standardized assessments in the world of education... Naples, FL


03.28.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

While photographing fishermen on the Naples Pier this morning, I noticed a dolphin duo fishin' as well. Indeed, they were demonstrating some rather aggressive and teaming tactics as they circled around a school of fish and then rushed quickly into the center for their prey.

It is always fascinating to observe animal behavior. Many jewels are revealed, just as they are in watching humans interact...though it is difficult to both observe and participate in human behavior. Animal behavior is so much more simple, honest, and direct than that of their human counterparts. Still, both species seem to do things that are mysterious and inexplicable - doesn't keep us from watching in wonderment though! Naples Pier, Naples, FL

Saturday, March 27, 2010


03.27.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

A quiet bench awaiting company, especially those who seek solitude and meditation. Shaded by oak trees and framed by liriopes, the structure is adjacent to a meandering sidewalk at the Garden of Hope and Courage. Overlooking the fountained waters of a small lake, the view cannot be denied. There are a number of benches in the garden, all uniquely placed to take advantage of an aesthetically pleasing scene. Despite their isolated locations, they are all connected by the same concrete pathway.

Connections are key! With the advent of the internet and the subsequent loss of barriers due to geography and time, methods of communication have increased and unlikely connections amongst people are made every day. Maintaining the connection is an entirely different task, especially if the quantities grow exponentially, but basic elements of trust and commonalities still establish a vital social network. Interestingly, the connectors are just beginning to understand and capitalize on their power - we could easily see additional 'revolutions' as a result of this viral nature...hopefully, they will impact the dysfunctional and traditional institutions that continue to impede growth and vital change in our world. Garden of Hope and Courage, Naples, FL

Friday, March 26, 2010


03.26.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

After thinking of 'dinosaur' (don't ask me why I came up with that off the top of my head!?!) for the 'd word or s word daily shoot challenge, ' I came up with up a couple of additional words, including 'doll'. Taking a type of creative license, I saw this 'dolly' and decided that it was an appropriate replacement. It is fitting - after a couple of days of intense packing, more than 300 boxes of library books were moved to their final destination today. Now comes the task of integrating 3 different collections .... ah, next week's to do!

It is amazing to watch the well-oiled machine - in the form of the moving company - move boxes, furniture, and other various and assorted paraphernalia. Despite other workers installing furniture, classes going on, and getting directions (often contradictory) from a variety of people, these guys remain professional, upbeat and polite. How impressive! We often don't realize how important those team-working skills are until we are on the receiving end of the opposite spectrum. But, of course, those skills are considered superficial in our educational institutions. Fortunately, they are incorporated within some classrooms, but I wonder if such 'soft skills' are too quickly thrown aside. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Thursday, March 25, 2010


03.25.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Black and white photos tend to lend themselves nicely to various textures and contrasts - something often overlooked when the focus is on a variety of color which appeals greatly to the senses. Looking upward to a beautiful blue sky, highlighted by a few puffy clouds, I tried to imagine the lack of color and it was difficult, but upon seeing the black and white image, I knew that my attraction to the scene was much deeper than the color.

With time, most of us do get beyond the superficial to dig through the initial layer of attraction - whether it be the proverbial book and its cover, relationships, or even peeling back the layers of our self. Reflection is a process that often reminds us of those various structures and allows us a chance to step away from the usual view of the world and see it from another perspective. Like yoga or meditation, the world seems a bit more serene with time for reflection. 6th St N & Central Ave, Naples, FL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


03.24.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Always good to end the day with a multi-layered and multi-colored sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. A similar as they are, each one is unique and pretty awesome, too! The community gathering at the beach for the evening ritual is usually quite interesting, too. There are families and couples...there is play and reflective observation. Somehow this magical (yet routine) event seems to cement relationships and connections amongst all. As close as this is to me, I don't seem to get down to see it as often as I'd like. I wonder if a view of the daily sunset lessens the special beauty that is displayed...and makes it 'routine'? 2nd Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


03.23.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Iris is a favorite of mine and much to my surprise, I found them growing in wild clumps of the swampy side of Freedom Park this afternoon. I will need to research this more, but they are obviously not the same tubular iris that use to grow from the rich soil of the western plains...no, these pop out directly from murky brown swamp water - adding a lovely lilac color to a walker's view.

Life is really full of surprises - as much as we like to think we can control our worlds, there are so many environmental and social factors that occur outside of our realm. We have little, if any, control of those happenings. We can determine how to deal with the results. In this case, relishing the refreshing color, texture, and beauty of the blossom was plentiful reward. Sometimes, the result is not nearly as appealing - coping with the potential negatives can be challenging, but most of us get plenty of opportunity for practice at it. May you always remember a beautiful scene rather than fester in the ugliness - then, you can refresh and better create purposeful and compelling action. Freedom Park, Naples, FL

Monday, March 22, 2010


03.22.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Long days and short nights are indicative of the last week ... and so, I ended up with little to show for it photographically today. Not much inspiration for writing either.... Somehow, despite all of the 'blah-ness' I am thinking optimistically that this light could represent that at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Here's to an improved week! :) Naples, FL

Sunday, March 21, 2010


03.21.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

It figures...yesterday, the sun was shining on a nice spring day and turtles were basking in the warmth all over the place - but, I didn't snap a shot since I had so many others. Today, there were none when I went earlier, but being the persistent photographer, I returned to find three, but they were spooked by my arrival. I waited around for them to return and finally this brave soul decided I would do no harm...jeez, what we do sometimes for a photo! :) Airport Rd & Glades Ave, Naples, FL


03.20.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Of all the photos shot today in the quest for 'water', I'm not sure why I keep coming back to this one and designating it for my 365. The refection focal point is a highlight, but I think it is the framing with both shape and color providing a natural border that makes it interesting. Additionally, I look at this photo and know what it represents, but I wonder, because of its abstract nature, if it has meaning for others.

As me move further into the age of creativity and innovation, I think about the ramifications for society. There is ample personal satisfaction for an individual's creation. As evidenced in the comments of online communities, feedback can be rewarding and serve as a platform for continued individual growth. How does that translate beyond the individual to groups and society? The infrastructure promotes self-expression and connection...but are there aspects that truly emphasize worldly citizenship? Are there action avenues for change? Or does it matter? Freedom Park, Naples, FL

Friday, March 19, 2010


03.19.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Packing up and moving the library again...second time in less than a year, but this time during the school year. In an attempt to keep services available to students as long as possible, I've packed books in labeled boxes and arranged them in shelving similar to previous stacks. The countdown is on with three more days of packing next week and then the moving begins. Hope I'm ready! ;) Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

Thursday, March 18, 2010


03.18.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

These silver knives line up with pride (despite their nicks and dents) in their flatware chests, protected by the aged flannel liner. Monogrammed with paternal grandparents' initials, they serve as a family tribute dating more than 100 years. If only they could tell their stories...

Though they may lose appreciation through the next generation, their stories and all of the present and future ones beg preservation and 'passing on'. Are all of our stories worth telling? Only the future will determine the answers, but if they are not documented, there will be no record from which to make that evaluation. There are so many ways to tell our stories these days - make it a part of your ritual! Naples, FL

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


03.17.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

A short face-to-face visit with my Flickr friend, Carol, meant a photo shoot, albeit short. Our friendship is the result of a virtual connection (originally through a DEN webinar that led to 'disastrous' Second Life stories) strengthened by similar work goals and photography. Today's shoot was fun and instructional - she knows much more about the camera, settings, and light than I do...and note her intensity! It will be interesting to see our different visual perspectives from the same walk (will need to upload those tomorrow!)

Online connections have been criticized for being superficial and unrealistic. Certainly, there are examples of such relationships in both the real and the digital world - they don't have to be that way, though. Just like the old-fashioned'' friendships, there are special qualities that make online friendships meaningful...sincere, caring, fun and commonalities - you can capture them virtually and in 'real life'! Freedom Park, Naples, FL


03.16.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Beach towels hanging on a clothesline don't flutter in the wind the same as some laundry, but the scene evokes other trios of sand castles and and pinwheeled beach umbrellas, rather than the usual chores. The plain vanilla beach towel hangs just as proudly as the colorful striped and scenic towels. In fact, despite the stark color, the white towel may serve in a unique position over the other two. It is likely to have the same functionality (in fact, more coverage than the smaller scenic one, unless for a child), but its lack of color is less likely to attract the pesky insects! Sometimes 'laying low' has its advantages! 6th St & 7th Av N, Naples, FL

Monday, March 15, 2010


03.15.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Though orchid trees are fairly common around here, many lack the healthy foliage and prolific blossoms of this one. They have always been one of my favorites - as much for the slightly heart-shaped leaf as for the delicate purple blossom. It is both unusual and typical that something can be so abundant and yet, still unique...it all depends on the perspective you choose to take, I guess. 3rd St & 1st Ave N, Naples, FL

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Bird on the Wire..., originally uploaded by colemama.

The classic Leonard Cohen song, Bird on the Wire, always runs through my mind when I see such a scene. The lyrics appear to be somewhat contradictory and conflicting...with an emphasis on restricted freedom and unresolved emotions. Oftentimes, the words simply reflect diverse perceptions as in the song,

I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch,
he said to me, "You must not ask for so much."
And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door,
she cried to me, "Hey, why not ask for more?"

Despite the various interpretations, it is a soulful song for me, but definitely leaves with a note of hope - likely due as much to the bird's warble as much as the song itself. 4th Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

Saturday, March 13, 2010


03.13.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

...appropriate and borrowed words to fill this photo's description.

Friday, March 12, 2010


03.12.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The arrival of the birds...of paradise, that is...always brings a smile. They are so unusual and whimsical that I invariably find them added to the 365 project every year, perhaps more than once! Framed by a healthy green (thanks to our recent rain), these blooms never fail to 'pop' with color and shape. Planted as part of the median landscape, they are a great photographic diversion at the traffic light.

Diversions are a way of life for all of us with the multiple stimuli that our connected world creates. Students and young adults seem to adapt to this cacophony seamlessly (perhaps because they know no different), but I often yearn for the single focused time-frame when no interruption intrudes. Many years ago when I crafted stained glass creations, I would start a project in the morning and literally be so engaged and focused that I didn't re-connect with the 'real world' until sunset - with no conscious understanding of the passage of time. These days, I strive to merely get a project accomplished! Davis Blvd & US 41 E, Naples, FL

Thursday, March 11, 2010


03.11.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Perhaps some of you (though I know many of you are too young...) may remember the popular and funny Carol Burnett Show from the late 60's to '70s. When I saw these brooms and other janitorial elements behind a popular restaurant, I immediately thought of the charwoman character created by the spontaneous actress/comedian. All of her characters were zany and you could sense the genuine passion she had for both her work and her co-workers. It was just such a classic variety show that always seemed to meet its goal in making people laugh.

In such a comedic production, there are few boundaries and rules. The more freedom and 'stretch,' the more opportunity to innovate and create - a vital component for many disciplines, but especially the arts! So, are the rules meant to be broken? Some rules definitely are 'breakable', i.e., many rules are poorly conceived and unenforceable (why do we establish such edicts?). Other rules can be broken under certain conditions, while others are definitely more meaningful. Like so many things, there is quite a bit of gray area! Alley between 8th St & 9th St and 6th Ave S & 7th Ave S, Naples, FL

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


03.10.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Pretty in pink, this hibiscus is marred by a damaged petal...but that doesn't seem to take away its beauty. It was a welcome sight, as the sun warmed us to our normal temperatures for this time of year.

Similar to previous thoughts about 'interesting', the blemish here adds character and invites additional thought compared to a photo of a 'perfect' flower. For me, it is due to the transparent bruise (and that triangle of sunlight) that continues to draw me back in...to wonder about its condition...to feel its symbolism....and to investigate its depth. If only we could appreciate human nature in the same manner. Naples, FL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


03.09.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

While there is symmetry at play in Athena's toy, the context creates the interest, complexity and potential for further depth - that which provides richness and appeal. How do you create an 'interesting' photograph (...or for that matter, document or presentation)? What are the qualities that define 'interesting' to you? What draws you back to a photo more than once? Is 'interest' due to personal preference or are there commonalities that we all share in describing 'interesting'?

Please respond and we can all share in the answers! :) In my own 365 project and in working with students in our Through Global Lenses pilot, some photos really lend themselves to comments (whether or not they end up getting scribed)...I'm very interested in learning why - I personally think there's something beyond basic design principles (though those are acknowledged!). Naples, FL

Monday, March 8, 2010


03.08.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

I do love blue and the water, too - Discovered this view of Naples Bay from a little visited park next to a boat ramp and spent a moment allowing all of the senses to appreciate the beauty of this scene. It is actually a bit 'busier' than my preferred 'natural' picture, but I was struck by the boat mooring in the bay... and its attached 'inflatable'. I got to thinking about how different it would be to live on the water - how easy it is to limit our thinking of habitation to terra firma alone! What would be the limitations? the advantages? How would it change perceptions about the world? And how are those differences and similarities reflected in other cultures? Just pondering... 9th St S & Naples Bay, Naples, FL

Sunday, March 7, 2010


03.07.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Though most of the pictured birds are either preening or sleeping, the two 'posers' did a great job replicating their fine form in well-defined shadows! Their shadows were unimportant to the birds, but they were vital in making this photograph unique. So often, we unknowingly leave behind breadcrumbs that are picked up by others - valued as treasures. It is difficult to measure the influence we may have on others, but as role models, we may only get one chance to make a first impression...and you would be surprised as to how many view you that way! 3rd Ave S & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL

Saturday, March 6, 2010


03.06.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Like many towns, ours has a historical and quaint area that invites natives and tourists alike...Old Naples has a couple of popular shopping districts - Third Street South being one of them. Visited the Farmer's Market this morning and noticed this colorful directory of the shops and restaurants. Colorful and directional, it offers additional information, including wi-fi spots!

I used to love lists - the power of planning, acting and 'crossing-off' provided a true sense of accomplishment. Digital tools have really changed my current lists: grocery lists are on my iPhone Note app, 'to do' lists are available on Evernote (both mobile and laptop), and efforts to incorporate GTD to my Gmail are still underway. So far, though, there's nothing that has replaced that feeling of satisfaction, when the last checkmark on a paper list has been made and the paper is crumpled and tossed into the recycling bin! :) 3rd St S & 12th Ave S Naples, FL

Friday, March 5, 2010


03.05.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

A trio of colors in fresh fruit and vegetables await prep for the evening meal. Though it is easy and convenient to 'drive thru' the fast food restaurants, there's no replacement for a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients. Time (or the lack of it) often prevents that from being a priority. It is interesting to monitor how your time is spent and then to analyze for usage. There are obvious necessities (sleep, work, eating)...but there's a fair amount of discretionary time that often 'escapes'! I keep trying to capture control of that non-designated time...so tough sometimes! Naples, FL

Thursday, March 4, 2010


03.04.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The repetition of the striped metal roof panels form a predictable pattern on this building. It is comforting to know that the next panel will mimic the previous one...yet, such a repetitive pattern would become dull if not complemented by other patterns or random change. Perhaps that is reflective of many of our lives, as well - creating routines only to seek deviation from the 'usual' on occasion to keep things interesting! Still, there's a desire for balance...Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL


03.03.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Caught this canine enjoying the gusty conditions and street-view from his human's vehicle...you can almost sense the enjoyment! Throwing (the proverbial) caution to the wind, the life of this dog seems quite carefree. Imagine the feeling! Getting caught up in the rat race of life, most of us don't take the time to just 'let go' on a routine basis. In the height of seasonal traffic, I must say that I was certainly envious of his place at that moment...but, at least, the photo makes me smile! US 41 E & Central Ave, Naples, FL


03.02.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

We are on our third month of unseasonably cool (dare I say cold) temperatures, windy conditions, and generally non-tropical weather. Some trees are leaf-less, grass does not display its usual deep green, and seasonal annuals are missing from many landscaped yards. Thus, the arrival of pink tabebuia blooms - saturated in color and clustered in density - are a welcome sight!

Some of my northern friends will likely scoff at my 'whining'...their colors won't arrive for another month or so. But then the expectation for warm weather and growth is not expected up north for a month or so. Expectations play a vital role in our reactions to the environment. If we are expecting 'normal' balmy weather and it doesn't arrive, our perceptions and possibly attitudes are changed. Perhaps we raise the stakes a bit by having 'high expectations' but there is certainly more energy and enthusiasm in that approach than having low expectations or none at all - seems applicable to various levels of human relationships, as well. 10th St and 2nd Ave N, Naples, FL

Monday, March 1, 2010


03.01.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Monday mornings are usually tough - if for no other reason than transitioning back to work. A colorful dawn, compliments of a later-timed sun rise, greeted this morning's commute. Each new day offers new opportunities, but sometimes it is difficult to see them.

A man must make his opportunity, as oft as find it.
~ Francis Bacon

There's a true element of innovation and passion at work when opportunities are created. The power of painting beautiful sunrises in the sky is not mine, but keeping the camera readied is due to my initiative. Little opportunity will be available without a sense of search and an eye for creation. 3rd Ave S & 6th St, Naples, FL