Thursday, March 18, 2010


03.18.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

These silver knives line up with pride (despite their nicks and dents) in their flatware chests, protected by the aged flannel liner. Monogrammed with paternal grandparents' initials, they serve as a family tribute dating more than 100 years. If only they could tell their stories...

Though they may lose appreciation through the next generation, their stories and all of the present and future ones beg preservation and 'passing on'. Are all of our stories worth telling? Only the future will determine the answers, but if they are not documented, there will be no record from which to make that evaluation. There are so many ways to tell our stories these days - make it a part of your ritual! Naples, FL


  1. I heard someone interviewed on the radio talking about Canadian black history. She is writing books to document it because she said historians did not take it seriously because it was not written down. Our students have so many ways to document - through writing, video, audio and combinations of them all - capturing history should be a part of every student's education. We need to preserve stories.

  2. I love old cutlery. Just today at my mother's place for lunch, guests were admiring her spoons from pre-soviet Russia, beautiful and with my grandmother's initials. So many untold stories, I think; shame.