Saturday, March 6, 2010


03.06.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Like many towns, ours has a historical and quaint area that invites natives and tourists alike...Old Naples has a couple of popular shopping districts - Third Street South being one of them. Visited the Farmer's Market this morning and noticed this colorful directory of the shops and restaurants. Colorful and directional, it offers additional information, including wi-fi spots!

I used to love lists - the power of planning, acting and 'crossing-off' provided a true sense of accomplishment. Digital tools have really changed my current lists: grocery lists are on my iPhone Note app, 'to do' lists are available on Evernote (both mobile and laptop), and efforts to incorporate GTD to my Gmail are still underway. So far, though, there's nothing that has replaced that feeling of satisfaction, when the last checkmark on a paper list has been made and the paper is crumpled and tossed into the recycling bin! :) 3rd St S & 12th Ave S Naples, FL

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  1. Aha, now I know who to ask about iPhone functions - I'm thinking of getting one after my birthday. The street in your photo looks so clean!