Friday, March 26, 2010


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After thinking of 'dinosaur' (don't ask me why I came up with that off the top of my head!?!) for the 'd word or s word daily shoot challenge, ' I came up with up a couple of additional words, including 'doll'. Taking a type of creative license, I saw this 'dolly' and decided that it was an appropriate replacement. It is fitting - after a couple of days of intense packing, more than 300 boxes of library books were moved to their final destination today. Now comes the task of integrating 3 different collections .... ah, next week's to do!

It is amazing to watch the well-oiled machine - in the form of the moving company - move boxes, furniture, and other various and assorted paraphernalia. Despite other workers installing furniture, classes going on, and getting directions (often contradictory) from a variety of people, these guys remain professional, upbeat and polite. How impressive! We often don't realize how important those team-working skills are until we are on the receiving end of the opposite spectrum. But, of course, those skills are considered superficial in our educational institutions. Fortunately, they are incorporated within some classrooms, but I wonder if such 'soft skills' are too quickly thrown aside. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

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