Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Perhaps some of you (though I know many of you are too young...) may remember the popular and funny Carol Burnett Show from the late 60's to '70s. When I saw these brooms and other janitorial elements behind a popular restaurant, I immediately thought of the charwoman character created by the spontaneous actress/comedian. All of her characters were zany and you could sense the genuine passion she had for both her work and her co-workers. It was just such a classic variety show that always seemed to meet its goal in making people laugh.

In such a comedic production, there are few boundaries and rules. The more freedom and 'stretch,' the more opportunity to innovate and create - a vital component for many disciplines, but especially the arts! So, are the rules meant to be broken? Some rules definitely are 'breakable', i.e., many rules are poorly conceived and unenforceable (why do we establish such edicts?). Other rules can be broken under certain conditions, while others are definitely more meaningful. Like so many things, there is quite a bit of gray area! Alley between 8th St & 9th St and 6th Ave S & 7th Ave S, Naples, FL

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