Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stairwell Shadows 11.13.14

Though I'm attracted to all of the lines, angles, textures and contrasts in this shot, it would likely be viewed as too busy by the experts. In fact, it is in direct contradiction to some basics of good composition per the course I'm reviewing while commuting:

  • Subject and Background - clearly defined subject and clearly defined background to avoid the eyes moving around too much. In this image what is the subject? I know what I intended, but now that I look at the shot, I see too many potential subjects.
  • Balance - equal weight was strived for between the dark and light tones so I may have done better with this concept
  • Point of View - trying to see things from a different perspective will offer more interest and better composition. This shot was rotated in post-processing to better address this concept, but developing that composition frame in the shot choice would increase skill! 
  • Simplicity - keeping a focus on geometric lines and contrast could be viewed as simple and yet it is so much more complex. Additionally, since the image was cropped, there was much more 'complexity' prior to the post-processing.

In retrospect, I think it might have been more interesting in composition to try to create the electrical outlet as the subject and see if the play of lines and shadows would have led to that subject but dimmed in the background. Practice is important, but practice is not helpful if it isn't purposeful and reflective in nature.
Lorenzo Walker Campus, Naples, FL 

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