Friday, November 7, 2014

Suénalo @Miami Device 11.07.14

The beat and sway of Suénalo was a top-notch ending to one of the most awesome conferences I've ever attended - Miami Device. First, it was small, which allowed for a more personal feel and conversational access to all participants (including speakers - and there were some stellar ones!). Then, there were the 'extras' - the location of Coconut Grove at the St. Stephens Episcopal Day School and the optional South Beach Culinary Tour (extra $, but oh so worth your while...), the Suénalo performance and the Jackery give-away with all being winners. Last, but not least, was the passionate and sharing atmosphere from a diverse number of people who really make learning happen - not just for those of us at the conference, but most importantly for our constituents/students who will undoubtedly benefit from our own learning...and keep that cycle of growth moving. Coconut Grove, Miami, FL

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