Monday, November 17, 2014

Lacy Leaf 11.17.14

The nest leaves of staghorn ferns eventually age and lose their flesh exposing only the veined structure. They still serve a purpose in collecting and trapping water for the benefit of the plant's survival. Though brown and dried, they offer a beauty in the maze of their networked framework.  There are so many advantages of appreciating the 'old' - not only in form but also in function. 

Subject & Background - Wish I had a less cluttered background, but definitely more distracting in color...depth of field helps a bit.
Balance - Not too obvious, but dark/bright and texturally may provide enough
Point of View - Nothing notable here
Simplicity - Once again, a negative
So, the basic elements are not well met - and yet, it still speaks to me.
Naples, FL

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