Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Circumspect Chance 11.26.14

Chance's reluctance to be photographed is pretty obvious - he even looks like he's giving the 'evil eye', but he survived the snap of the shutter. ;)

Subject & Background - Chance's face/expression is the focal point
Balance - Some balance in tones and definite contrast in his dark nose and 'eyeliner' with white fur
Point of View - Eye-level meant squatting for me but much more natural, but wish I hadn't cut off his ears!
Simplicity - With the exception of the definitive subject, there's not much simplicity
Geometry (points, lines, shapes) - Points (nose, eyes, ears), lines (background, fur lines) and shapes (triangular head & ears, almond eyes, leaf-shape head fur marking)
Repetition - Though not purposeful, there's repetitive pattern in the background with lines leading to the focal point
Rule of 1/3s - In this case, no grid point meets the rule, but the left vertical line from the nose up the bridge between the eyes and his left ear absolutely draws the eye
Perspective - Captures an emotion as well as the physical object
Symmetry - Not except the eyes and ears! 
Depth of Field - Enough DOF to provide interest and focus on the cautious expression
Intersections - No evidence on this shot
Naples, FL

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