Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Diverging Diversity 11.25.14

Palm trees are ubiquitous in my environment. People often have a stereotypical image of what a palm should look like...and, yet, there is incredible diversity in the number and types of palms (more than 2,500 worldwide!). Like palm trees, there are many diverse people and cultures in our world - all of which have value. Taking the time to see all facets of individuals and situations goes a long way in making decisions about thoughts and actions. 

Subject & Background - This seems obvious...palm frond subject to light (sky) background
Balance - May be off-balance with emphasis on dark and palm frond 
Point of View - Typically shot from the ground up, but the focal point of radiating spirals may add a twist
Simplicity - Love the long triangular shapes of the fronds - simple geometry complemented with the added spiral component
Naples, FL

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