Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reflective Rails 11.23.14

This is always a favorite sight and not sure I like the black and white version, but wanted to try it and reflections always get me thinking. ;) While walking out of the park, my thoughts went to the difficulties many of my college students have with the concept of 'inquiry-based lessons'. I know that some is due to the way they were taught and expectations of the same, but I also wonder how much is due to just not slowing down enough to think about what the concept means and how its structure could be beneficial. One more reason to continue to plug along with the reflective writing assignments as a scaffold for increased critical thinking.

Subject & Background - There are two different subjects - the boardwalk and the reflection in the water, but they move together
Balance - Tonal differences help to create balance, but the linear patterns of the boardwalk and reflections are nicely off-set with the round and scalloped textures of the lily pads
Point of View - The multiple lines are leading the eye in a prominent way
Simplicity - There's a fair amount of 'busy-ness' here, but the patterns and lines make it a bit more simplistic
Freedom Park, Naples, FL

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