Monday, May 30, 2011


05.30.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Celebrating Memorial Day with the traditional red, white, and blue colors in a nontraditional floral way. The flags, the wreaths, the parades, and the ceremonies all recognize the importance of honoring the special men and women who sacrificed their lives to allow us to live the freedoms we have today.

Though I lived the military most of my life as an Army 'brat', I was fortunate to not have lost a family member to war; nonetheless, the return of soldiers from Vietnam and more recent conflicts in body bags or with physical and psychological damage are forever etched in my mind and soul. In this case, the visual is not nearly enough to emote the gratitude and remembrance, but Taps alone touches the very core of today. Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, FL


  1. Lovely way to honour those who serve - to me more appropriate than flag waving. This speaks of life.

  2. Lovely flowers. I like the blue and green in the background as well.