Saturday, May 14, 2011


05.14.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Almost walked past it...this resting frog camouflaged on a nearby leaf. Its silvery green surface mimics the now verdant greens of the swamp. Despite the continued dry season, growth continues to take place. Soon summer rains will flush out even the smallest of seedlings, insects, and other critters. So, rest up little frog - competition is soon to come!

I much prefer the concepts of collaboration and cooperation over competition, but the so called 'survival of the fittest' remains a reality. When there is only so much space and when one can survive when feeding on another, the notion of working together can fall by the wayside...even in with the intellect of the human mind. It is an odd conflict to believe in 'the best' and 'a winner' while still promoting equality, teamwork and collaboration. Freedom Park, Naples, FL


  1. Weird looking frog. I would have missed it entirely.

    I agree with your competition/cooperation comments. It's so hard to encourage young people to consider the alternative to "winning."