Sunday, May 22, 2011


05.22.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Fresh blueberries - still a bit on the high side, but I couldn't resist. I was hoping to wait until later in the week to use them as a photographic subject, but at the rate of consumption, decided the time was now! Indeed, their sweet taste and yummy texture are being enjoyed as I compose!

Freshness is the key, of course. We all benefit from the taste and, likely, nutrition of fresh food. The same 'freshness' can apply to other avenues of life - a fresh look at the usual mundane, a fresh new recipe to try or clothing to wear, a fresh approach to an old problem. Seasons remind us to see the world in 'fresh' eyes - we just need to create our own seasons sometimes! :) Naples, FL


  1. Yum. We have to import berries from your part of the world as ours only appear later in the season. Not as fresh here - and with the environmental toll of transporting them.

  2. A yummy image! I love blueberries!