Tuesday, May 3, 2011


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Deborah Ellis, Canadian author of dozens of juvenile and young adult books - both fiction and nonfiction - visited Southwest Florida today to share her perspectives on the world. Her casual and laid back nature was a natural magnet for storytelling...though this candid smile belies the serious and tragic basis for her characters and interviews. Despite the focus on subjects such as children with HIV/AIDS in Africa, Iraqi refugees in Jordan, a Bolivian boy who mistakenly becomes involved in the cocaine trade, and a young Afghan girl who disguises herself as a boy to contribute to the family's livelihood, there are two very important messages: 1) that of hope and optimism with evidence of "real life" encounters with the human spirit, despite all odds against them, and 2) that human beings with all of their intelligence and creativity CAN (and will!) change the world for the better through dedicated problem-solving.

The timing couldn't have been better. This time of year with near-end spring semester activities and deadlines, there is little time for reflection of personal activities, much less worldwide events. With yesterday's announcement and discourse of bin Laden's death (and subsequent viral attributions), I continue to marvel at human nature and it's need to focus on the small details....the big picture is often blurred. Much to think about...and take action on, to include reading more titles by this authentic author....our world needs each of our contributions. Edison State College, Ft Myers, FL

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  1. I read this post as I am manning the circulation desk of a children's library. It is very quiet here as there is an author visiting upstairs - Kevin Sylvester.