Thursday, November 18, 2010


11.17.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Some major multitasking this week with the 24/7 online Global Education Conference going on...great informational sessions (this one titled: Building Beyond Barriers: Experiences and Ideas for U.S.- Chinese Cross-cultural Understanding), interesting, energetic and thoughtful conversations (another good one this evening was our own Nancy Sharoff's Visual Literacy), and even as a volunteer moderator.

The topics and ensuing discussions are additional proof that it is time (actually beyond time...) to put this educational transformation into action. There are plenty of 'take aways' for me to initiate personally, within my own school and amongst my own professional learning network, but where is the sustainability? and how does it transfer in a broader sense? Perhaps this grassroots effort will 'grow' viral - I hope so! I don't think we can depend upon (or even want to!?) state or federal government entities - the bureaucratic process is too slow for this fast paced world and our deep learning needs. Connecting and collaborating with global colleagues is key! Naples, FL

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  1. I fear it is a tough uphill battle, but one worth waging.