Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Limes - love 'em! They are often good substitutes for the usual lemon citrus in drinks and recipes. And it just so happened to be a good shooting subject for today's @dailyshoot challenge (though I used another shot)!

Its juice and zest enhance dishes from many origins, including Caribbean, Vietnamese, Mexican and India. Though I don't think they mentioned lime as an ingredient, presenters Colleen Fletcher and Sharon Peters introduced their Global Education Conference presentation, From Mozambique to the World, with an analogy to that country's famous piri-piri chicken recipe. Though I was multitasking, I couldn't help but be pulled into their presentation about integrating the arts, social media technology and collaboration...all nicely demonstrated with the cooking theme! How distant our nations, and yet how near we can become with our technological and innovative resources.

Thus far, the sessions have been informative, conversational, and connecting in a variety of languages. There are a number of 'take aways' that I can put to use immediately, but more importantly are the seeds for change and the potential for people to engage with each other for a common goal, to seek out and find others with 'like' minds, and to allow our students to truly become global citizens. Wow! :) Naples, FL

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  1. I have only managed to attend a few sessions but will be listening to archives. I so appreciate being able to have access to people from around the world who share. I am getting more and more fed up with school boards that block access for these opportunities for their students. We take the zest out of learning.