Friday, November 5, 2010


11.05.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Trimming back palm fronds can be major labor, but it sure does make a difference in a well-manicured palm 'bark'! The plaited pattern is quite inviting to the eye and one wonders how it becomes so patterned? and for what reason?

At a conference session today with an emphasis on guided inquiry and once again I was reminded of the importance of effective questioning techniques. More importantly, I was entrenched in thinking about the value of developing good inquiry/communication skills. Most educators are familiar with the instructional strategy of K-W-L (i.e., what do you Know, what do you Want to know, and what did you Learn?). As this presenter posed, what about substituting, "What do you Wonder about?" rather than "What do you Want to know?" I think this slight change offers a much more positive and curious attitude, without hampering the need to know. The problem with asking students what they want to know is the potential for the 'know it all' or the 'apathetic' personas to bubble to the top. Hopefully, an aberrant pattern can also bring attention to such behavior. Viera, FL

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  1. Living "up north", I had no idea these trees get trimmed! Love the pattern. Thanks for sharing!