Tuesday, November 9, 2010


11.09.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

A throwback to the past and simpler times (or were they really?)...this jalopy shows its age in more ways than one, but is being 'reused' as a means of advertising an automotive business as it sits outside of a coffee shop. Amidst the modern buildings and machined counterparts, it really stands out - thus, an attention-getter! With all of the contemporary sign regulations, it is a bit surprising that this 'passed muster'...but, then, I guess there are always exceptions!

Exceptions...they are why rules are made, right? ;) So, if explanations for the exceptions are shared, does that create guidelines to expect another exception? How might that exception and/or guideline to the rule be communicated?...or not? And, if you are the 'victim' of the rule and not the benefactor of the exception, do you attempt to attempt to fight it and bring attention to the obvious exceptions? Ah, the realities and dilemmas of 'life's not fair'...sometimes, it can be discouraging! 12th Ave S & 8th St, Naples, FL

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