Monday, November 8, 2010


11.08.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Love catching the golden rays of late afternoon sunshine as they transform the fronds of the Bismark palm tree. No longer are their colors a silvery blue green, but a translucent golden with silhouetted spikes from a nearby frond. Light has such an influencing effect...noticeable in our 'time change' this past weekend when our sun rises and sets 'earlier'. Though I may appreciate the end result and generally am open to change, I'm not a fan of 'daylight savings time'. It just seems an unnatural and unnecessary modification to glorious Mother Nature.

True transformation requires both ordinary elements and a certain 'magical' ingredient that works synergistically to influence a qualitative change. When thinking about learning, there are expected characteristics of curriculum, instruction, standards, assessment, and even positive relationships with students. These thoughts alone, though, are not enough to guarantee transformation. In fact,
it might be important to find an appropriate meta-learning, reflective piece to dig deep into the mind and soul of transformational learning. Naples, FL

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