Wednesday, June 30, 2010


06.30.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

This kitchen implement was rarely used in the past and now only occupies space in the drawer with the micrograters, toothpicks, and meat thermometer - there's no telling why it is still there...Any idea what it is? Someone invented it for profit, though I doubt many were sold as I've not seen them around these days.

Tools of our trade, be it at home or at work, have little value unless they are utilized. Even if they are not used for their original intent (i.e., clothespin keeps the potato chip back closed), their usage translates into some kind of value. The tools that stay hidden in the deep recesses of cabinets and drawers may perhaps be awaiting their 'time,' but their value is considerably lessened. Thinking about the tools of learning and their value - which ones are used as designed, which ones are used but not as designed, and which ones are hiding away and not used? Does their value match up? Naples, FL


  1. Is this a fondue stand? Interesting topic, Marie. I don't know how many times I've cleaned out and thrown out these types of unfortunate kitchen implements.

  2. Don't know what it is, but love it in B&W! Well done!

  3. It is actually an artichoke 'steamer'! Place the 'steamer' in a pan filled with water, add the large artichoke and bring to a boil - simmer until the outer leaves can be pulled easily indicating tenderness. So, now you know why it is not as popular as most kitchen implements! :)