Tuesday, June 22, 2010


06.22.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Cloves - they are so aromatic...a bit strong sometimes, but other times just the right intensity. Most of my recipes don't call for whole cloves, but there's a nostalgia about them - maybe the act of spiking them into oranges during the Christmas season for pomanders or even the scent of Clove chewing gum. Their shape and texture also appeal to me - not your typical spice!

The multi-faceted trait has invaded much of our lives - from multi-tasking to multi-functional devices. We expect and demand that in this time-crunched world. And according to some research, our brains are being re-wired both because of it and to better manipulate it. I do appreciate many of those characteristics myself, but I hope that we don't swing too far on the pendulum! Naples, FL


  1. We need to keep coming back to the real world - the things we can touch and smell. I love my virtual life, but need to spend time in the real one too.

  2. I can smell them. Interesting subject and your narration is outstanding as usual.