Sunday, June 20, 2010


06.20.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Glad I caught what I did here as it happened so fast, but really wish I'd been able to stop time and capture this better. No time to focus, adjust controls, compose - I didn't anticipate it at all...You would think I would have learned by now...Despite that disappointment, I am drawn back to this image.

Anticipation is an important factor in learning - a positive expectation generally yields more success than a negative one. Our own expectations of learners can also play an important role. Remember Jane Elliot's experiment with her elementary school children - the treatment of blue-eyed versus the brown-eyed students? Though we all carry stereotypes, we can keep an open and positive anticipatory set to be ready for the good 'catch'! Naples Pier, Naples, FL


  1. Although the fish is a bit blurry - the composition works. The tension in the man and the rod is powerful. Anticipation is important - but so is being open to the unexpected.

  2. I understand your desire to have a more "well captured" shot of this moment, but I think this is simply fantastic! It has a bit of an abstract feel to it, but tells a great story. I LOVE it.