Saturday, June 12, 2010


06.12.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Now that the regular school year has ended, summer reading may officially begin! Due to library inventory, I actually cleaned up my house of half-finished books and ready to start anew. There are books on Florida Teens Read list that I need to complete - Willow by Julia Hoban being one of them - but I also hope to get to my many lists of both fiction and nonfiction titles that are itching to be cracked open!

There is much satisfaction in finishing a goal or a project - some are never-ending (such as learning), but there are usually small steps that can be appreciated along the way. Often the process is much more rewarding than the finished product. Reading is sometimes that way when you so enjoy the printed words, story, characters, setting, etc. that you just don't want the book to end. Although the process or the state of 'unfinished' is not comfortable for some, it has its own advantages (opportunities for modifications, updates, changes)...and once you are 'finished' it is like saying good bye and time to look for a new one! Naples, FL


  1. We just got out today. I hope to begin enjoying some fun summer reading as well. Love this shot- it looks so relaxing!

  2. My book stacks never seem to diminish as I buy more far too often. Not only do I have to weed my garden - I have to weed my book collection.