Friday, June 17, 2011


06.16.11 by colemama
06.16.11, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

The modern version of the chalkboard eraser and chalk... now the writing implement is in color and the eraser doesn't need to be pounded against a hard surface to be cleaned (and to place a layer of chalk dust everywhere else!). It is always fascinating to consider the impact of change!

Teaching the educational uses of social networking was the topic for tonight's Intro to Ed Tech class. All students in the class are under thirty and active users of Facebook, but when asked if/how social networking could be incorporated into K-12 education, not one of them could find good reason. Despite the 'tough' audience, I forged ahead with my links and arguments for considering the values, relevance and authenticity when used in safe and creative ways, including Nings, Edmodo, and Facebook Pages. Discussion and hands-on use ensued, but I'm not sure that they were convinced of the web-based tool for participating in a safe social networking environment....Sometimes it is a tough sell and big leap to make! Edison State College, Collier Campus, Naples, FL

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