Sunday, June 5, 2011


And, they're off! This is the last round of starters for the nearly 1,000 entrants in the Naples Fitness Challenge Triathlon. I always expect to see the 'very serious' participants and, though there are many of them, there are just as many folks who look like they are really doing this for fun! The run would do me in so give credit to all who finish the run, bike and swim!

Challenges come in many forms, don't they? As teachers, we challenge our students to grow and stretch, sometimes with gentle persuasion and sometimes with 'tough love'. The importance of knowing our students as best we can is often the key to discovering the amount and type of support they will need. As many of us come to the end of another school year, it is helpful to reflect on the challenges met this year and to analyze those accomplishments for kernels to spread into future students in the coming years. 7th Ave N & Gulfshore Blvd, Naples, FL

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  1. And usually the challenges we give ourselves are the ones we rise to