Thursday, June 9, 2011


06.09.11 by colemama
06.09.11, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

Despite the Diet Coke bottle in center stage, this photo is highlighted for its value in showing some of the Intro to Educ Technology students at Edison State College working on their content-driven digital storytelling creation. After a couple of videos on storytelling in general and digital storytelling specifically, we used @cogdog's 50+ web 2.0 ways to tell a story as a framework.

Like many, these students wanted to head straight to the third step of deciding on a tool. With resistance, they focused back on the content, the plan, and the storyboard. Interestingly, a couple of the groups found that the tool they really wanted to use wasn't such a good match. Bobby the Butterfly (life cycle) story worked best in PhotoPeach...though they tried VoiceThread after discarding Xtranormal. Another group wanted to emulate Common Craft's Plain English series for their elementary math story (A Trip to the Grocery Store), but ended up in Xtranormal after attempting Zooburst. A third group went straight to work on the Solar System in Common Craft style but ran out of time to edit/upload - considering only about 75 minutes were provided, not bad!

Watching them process the steps and incorporate other learning (i.e., Creative Commons licensing and credits) as well as problem solve and create was rewarding for me. Cooperation and teamwork was evident and you could almost see the 'wheels spinning' at times. My facilitation provided them with possibilities or even questions...rather than the expected answer, which took them out of their 'sit and get' role as students - but ultimately they figured it out and were rewarded that much more. All in all, a very productive class time! Edison State College, Naples, FL


  1. Sounds like a great learning experience

  2. This has a lot of potential I knew nothing about! Thanks for the mini-seminar.