Monday, October 25, 2010


10.25.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

With some added processing to show more contrast, this spider web tendril shows some age with its clogged pathway. The silken thread is certainly similar to a yarn fiber ready to be woven! The anatomy and workings of a spider web is one of the most amazing of nature's phenomena. How in the world do they manage to get from one side to the other and then create such an amazing pattern? How ingenious to plan such a work of art to trap unsuspecting prey! The mysteries never cease to fascinate.

Creating a culture of curiosity is a both a challenge and a prerequisite for the teaching profession. Some may argue with that...expecting students to come with a readiness and a yearning for learning. Realistically, this expectation becomes stifled soon after kindergarten. The structure and formality of the education institution shares part of the blame, but perhaps the entire climate of the industrial age, complete with a low priority on education persay, has also been influential. Whatever the cause, establishing that desire to learn, to question and to discover is key...and not on the typical list of 'standards'! Naples, FL

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