Wednesday, October 20, 2010


10.20.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Spied the remains of this snake cactus bloom about 20 ft up the slash pine tree. The cactus itself is unusual as it vines its way up the tree looking strangely out of place. Also referred to as Princess of the Night, the cactus blooms nocturnally and only gets one shot to 'show off'...obviously, I missed it! The experience of viewing the flower would be awesome... and imagine photographing it! Well, it isn't a real high priority, but I will continue to be on the 'look out' for the elusive bloom.

Persistence is often a key characteristic for success...which makes perfect sense, as it is rare to accomplish one's goal the first time around! And, so I will persistently pursue the the opportunity to view such a delicate and rare blossom. Persistence, however, is only valued when the goal itself is high priority...persistence is fed by (and, in turn, feeds) that motivational purpose. Students without motivation would have little reason to persist. So many of our students arrive at our doorsteps without goals, without motivation, without persistence...all of which can be disastrous. Determining their 'night bloom' is a key factor that all effective teachers identify in the facilitation of learning! Bougainvillea and 6th Ave N, Naples, FL

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  1. And unfortunately our system doesn't nurture their "night bloom" neither by offering exciting possibilities for learning (with some exceptions) nor by following their more nocturnal time table.