Saturday, October 9, 2010


10.09.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Headed for the beach to shoot some palm tree silhouettes at sunrise, but was stopped by the recognizable song of a cardinal to his mate...looked up and there he was with a proud silhouette! Partial lighting revealed his red chest and yellow beak, but this visual cannot replace the magnificent sounds emanating from above.

We all have our own sense preferences, but sometimes an event is better experienced by a combination of senses or even one that is not normally used to its potential. Capitalizing on our strengths is both natural and valuable in our learning environments - in fact, we often don't do enough of that...instead expecting students to learn the same content at the same time in the same place. There are other times, though, when stretching beyond our preferences and going outside the circle of comfort provides the opportunity for transformational growth...and might reveal a latent strength! 3rd Ave N & Gulfshore Blvd, Naples, FL

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  1. Nice capture. We have cardinals around here who stay for the winter. I never tire of their flash of red.

    In teaching and learning we have to be open to new possibilities, a willingness to deviate from the path may lead to better learning opportunities.