Wednesday, January 27, 2010


01.27.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

My concrete sequential learning style was always pretty congruent with the traditional schooling environment of the later 20th century. But, how things have changed! Fortunately, my tendencies for adaptability and fluidity have allowed me to acknowledge and experiment with the abstract random nature of our 21st century world. I'm not very skilled at it and I'm not always comfortable in it, but I happily push myself to stretch those boundaries.

I recognize that many concrete sequential have difficulty appreciating the abstract random nature...and I wonder how many of them are in our current school systems as educators - those who are having a difficult time understanding the nature and needs of our current students?

I love that the paper clip provides structure, function and consistency for the concrete sequential brain, but also allows a bit of bend and spontaneity for those with an abstract random slant, as well. Perhaps we can all strive to be a bit more like the paper clip! :) Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

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