Wednesday, January 20, 2010


01.20.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Surveyed the neighborhood for frost damage from the previous two weeks' very cold (relatively speaking) temperatures and found many trees, shrubs and flowers that suffered. This bougainvillea lost its leaves, but the flower bracts are generally okay, though there is some dark curling and spotty issues. And note: there was heavy damage to the tomatoes and vegetables in the agricultural areas, so expect higher prices in the coming months if your grocery source is Florida.

Though this weather was predicted and plans were made to prevent as much damage as possible, the devastation was widespread and unusual. One can always heed warnings and make appropriate plans, but ultimately we have to be prepared for the 'worse case' scenario...or even, the 'unexpected disasters.' How do we prepare our young people for such situations?

This consequential frost damage in FL is minor compared to the suffering in Haiti (even before the earthquake). There is a significant Haitian community in our town, and, also on our campus. A local organization, Hope for Haiti, has a solid foundation in providing support to the islanders. If you want to make a difference with a donation (and not deal with the larger national/international organizations), I can vouch for their them - they've been making a difference for 10+ years. Naples, FL

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  1. Love the depth of field in this image - and the wider view of your text. Your comments show how interconnected we all are. We must teach our students to care and be resilient - something most Haitians seem to be demonstrating through their actions.