Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Music is everywhere with the mobility of iPods and other MP3 players. Though these 'old fashioned' CDs still exist, the move towards digital is quickly moving to a new era.

I love the way music is now incorporated into the very essence of many student projects at school....though we need to increase the use of Creative Commons licensed music, rather than copyrighted music. That is sometimes a tough sell, as the unauthorized use of copyrighted material is modeled flagrantly on the internet, i.e., YouTube and peer-to-peer sharing sites, unfortunately... There is so much value in not only using CC licensed material in our own creations, but also licensing our own work using Creative Commons. Naples, FL

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  1. Yes it is hard to move to creative commons - it doesn't always say what you want to say - when you know the music that speaks for you. But it is important that students (and adults) understand that ownership isn't just for things you can touch and hold.