Tuesday, January 26, 2010


01.26.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

The distance between our campus buildings' top floors and the flight path to our small municipal airport is minimal (though apparently meeting FAA regulations!) ..but the vantage points offer a unique view, especially during season with the increased air traffic.

Air travel is but one of the ways to bridge large spans of geographical distance. Today's networking opportunities provide a wealth of valuable connectors, forming communities that are amazingly genuine and substantial. The infrastructure is there - it still requires the need for relationships and bonds to be created. My own Personal Learning Network (PLN) has led me to a variety of adventures through Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Nings, Discovery Education Network, blogs, wikis, Flickr, and more (just applied to be a virtual participant in February 2010's Flat Classroom Conference in Mumbai, India) - with considerable learning, reflection, and friendship along the way. It has been an unbelievable journey thus far...and I look forward to additional flights, both virtual and real, in the future! Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

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  1. May your virtual wings let you fly throughout the world.