Monday, January 4, 2010


01.04.10, originally uploaded by colemama.

Being old enough to appreciate the original Slinky (pretty cool to learn that the inventor's wife purposely kept the price tag down to allow those who were not as financially able to purchase the toy), I keep a couple of the 'modern' versions around the media center for fun and tactile engagement. Of course, the kinesthetic learners seek out the various toys with glee, but even the 'book worms' enjoy the diversion to the traditional library environment.

While there is research about the impact of video games on learning, I doubt one would be able to make the case for the Slinky. Still...the scientific principles used to create the toy alone would lead to a neat teaching opportunity. Furthermore, brain-based learning research would support the manipulatives and 'brain exercise'. Either way, Slinkys and other games and toys will remain in my high school library! Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL

NOTE: Photographically, I had difficulty deciding on which of two images I liked best - I ended up selecting this one, but here's the other one - what do you think?


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  2. I like this one best too. The other has a distracting background.
    Hey congratulations on 365 for '09!!
    And it looks like you're continuing into 2010! Way to go, good luck!

  3. I also prefer this one - like the way you can look through it.

  4. I like the unusual angle of this one better than the other too. Great job!