Friday, July 31, 2009


JUL312009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Watching this ibis try to determine what use this forked find might be was absolutely hilarious! He picked it up and tried to manipulate it almost as if he knew how it was used by the human folks - it dropped and he picked it up again and again...finally succombing to the likelihood that it wasn't useful to him! Or perhaps he was just playing?!?!?

Have you observed our students doing some of the same - hungry for knowledge and hoping to access the effective tools to help them learn? Many times our educational institutions offer only those tools with which they are familiar (i.e., paper, pencil, 'sit and get', tests) rather than trying to figure out what our students really need -
* not for just for today's world, but for tomorrow's world....
* not because we've always done it that way, but because it makes sense for addressing needs of the future...
* and not for the sake of the tool itself, but for using the tool for the appropriate function!

2nd Ave N & Gulf of Mexico, Naples, FL


  1. He looks very pleased with his find.

  2. While it is funny to think of an ibis eating with a fork, it is not funny that people discard these objects without thought. So many of our plastics (bags, cutlery, balloons) end up harming or even killing wildlife.

    The tools to think of the consequences of our actions - that's one thing that schools should be helping students with

  3. Susan, I concur...there is a need in almost every venue for people to take responsibility for their own actions. This summer I've noticed an undesirable increase in the amount of 'trash' left at the beach - which may be due to increased use. I can pick up other people's trash to prevent harm to animals, but ultimately people need to become responsible for their own behaviors. How do we accomplish that when there have been so many barriers in the past? And "who" is ultimately responsible? Our schools can certainly connect to students, but what role do parents play? how about government? churches? other institutions?