Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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The Garden of Hope and Courage, adjacent to Naples Community Hospital, is a wonderful reprieve from the 'real world'. Tucked into a corner of the grounds, it offers benches for reading or quiet conversation, flora and fauna for environmental appeal, life-size sculptures for aesthetic interest, and even yoga under the pavillion (as I discovered this evening!) - and, there's a geocache there, too, but it still a 'DNF' for me!

Hope and courage - thankfully, the emphasis of the words go hand-in-hand in this garden. The need to stay positive is so important in the process of healing. Even in the face of reality of terminal illness, acceptance is enhanced with a bittersweet optimism. The soft petals of this orange tropical ginger plant stand in sharp contrast to the rough textured palm tree, but both provide a strength for those who seek it. Naples Community Hospital, 2nd Ave N & 8th St., Naples, FL

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  1. What a striking image - great colours and contrast.