Friday, July 10, 2009


JUL102009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Stopping to snap this Crown of Thorns at at traffic light on a busy Friday afternoon. Thankfully, there are no thorns visible here, but that doesn't mean they don't lurk beneath the surface!

So, there are pros and cons with just about everything in life and depending upon your view, you may have a propensity for concentrating on one side or the other. As the proverbial 'fence sitter', I tend to seek balance for most things, but I do concede to having decidedly strong opinions on some issues. Thus, I can be a 'thorn' in someone's side if the 'passion' for or against it is there - sharp, relentless, and piercing. Perhaps it is a good characteristic to temper, but ultimately the goal is to produce an aesthetically pleasing and functional beauty! US 41 E. & Golden Gate Parkway, Naples, FL

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  1. Lovely shot and beautiful flowers - once again I learn about Florida vegetation through your eyes.