Tuesday, March 31, 2009


MAR312009, originally uploaded by colemama.

These CDs show off their colors...making a definite statement - an attitude much different than the dull surface on the opposite side.

Like a young man and his family who are bravely facing the treatment of leukemia, attitude makes a big difference! Orienting one's thoughts and emotions toward a positive light offers that complex mental state that can truly impact 'mind over matter'. Finding others from whom to garner support and synergize with is a natural supplement to complete the circle. And with the close communities in today's social networking, we are easily connected beyond the traditional strength of family and friends. Thinking about you and your family, Chase! Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL


  1. I do find it quite interesting to see how relationships grow online. I feel you are now my friend, through our almost daily visits to each others' lives. I hope the young man in your network finds the strength to beat his illness and enjoy many years appreciating the many wonderful little things of life.

  2. Nice picture and you are quite correct, positive mental attitude is very powerful. I wish the young man and his family well in their battle.