Saturday, March 21, 2009


MAR212009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Adjacent to the Neighborhood Health Clinic, where I volunteer, is a new preschool, appropriately named Fun Time. Since it is Saturday, the preschool is closed, but the young readers on the park bench continue to explore, share, and reflect in the entryway. Frozen in time, they exemplify the ongoing, ubiquitous intensity, innocence and joy that lifelong learning advocates. Imagine the freshness and innate curiosity that this pair possess - we can all grab that back again - it's just a matter of perspective!

I need to go back and get the sculptor's name - I believe s/he has a number of them displayed in town...and yes, the piece allows enough room for others to sit on the park bench with them - a very friendly and interactive invitation! Fun Time Preschool, Naples, FL


  1. Great statues, they looks so lifelike - the wrinkles and folds of their clothes really add to it.

  2. Great photo! This really shows good detail and color!