Monday, March 30, 2009


MAR302009, originally uploaded by colemama.

Leaving the school parking lot this afternoon, this scene interested me...enough to pull out the camera! Uploading it in its raw form, though, I found an apathy I'd not anticipated - as dotlizard would say, "I got nothing." And like her "nothings" that are really 'somethings waiting to be discovered', I proceeded to edit my quick capture. Though this photo anticipates questions and thematic concepts, the whole issue of editing comes to the forefront.

Accepting the value of editing is often a tough first step as many expect their first attempt to be good, if not great. Remember that first high school research paper with the emphasis on drafts? Or do you play sports and utilize a fair amount of time in practice to better your skills? How about working on a presentation - do you ever end up with what you started? Chances are your successful ventures involved the process of editing - altering, modifying, enhancing, and/or refining. And when you think about it - isn't this process of editing just as important as that of planning and enacting? Seeing the 'something' often involves the under-emphasized and likely, misunderstood process of editing. Lorenzo Walker campus, Naples, FL


  1. Interesting picture. I always strive for the end product out of camera but will edit as and when required. If I am shooting something where I know I only have one chance I shoot RAW. It is amazing what you can recover!! Ultimately it all comes down to time - if you have the time why not? Most or all images would benefit from some PP.

  2. Your photography skills far outweigh mine and I hope to get to the point where I'm really thinking about the final product when I do the initial shot - maybe I am to a degree, but I also appreciate the amazing impact of even the simple processing tools...and maybe have come to depend on them, too!

  3. Have to admit to not doing a lot of editing - something I have to learn more about. There is something to be said for enhancing a shot to pull the viewer to see differently. And important to know that we are being manipulated by the images of others through the subtle changes made post shooting. But then I view myself more as taking snapshots of life while others take photographs.