Wednesday, December 28, 2011


12.28.11 by colemama
12.28.11, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

Window-dressing is always interesting at this downtown clothing store...with the exit of Christmas shopping, the focus is now on the New Year and our very short season of winter (it is currently a relatively cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit) whites! The display of merchandise in a retail store - either physical or virtual - is to provide the necessary attraction and invitation for a further look without creating a deceptively favorable facade. Of course, consumers need to take responsibility for filtering through the marketing tactics and judging for themselves the need for and benefits of the goods or products! The Wind and the Willow, 5th Ave S & 8th St, Naples, FL

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  1. Here the cold temperatures have everyone huddling under hoods, often trimmed with fur. It helps keep warm air near the face, but looks a lot like your wreaths. That was my first thought when I saw this photo - why do they need fur hoods in Florida?