Saturday, December 10, 2011


12.10.11 by colemama
12.10.11, a photo by colemama on Flickr.

On the lookout for weather vanes these days - there are fewer than I thought! The mermaid...the aquatic siren...has a rich mythological and mystical fascination. A hybrid, indeed...and one can only wonder whether the best 'half' was so designated! ;)

As human beings, we are all a combination of various DNA which combines into our unique selves. As much as we say we appreciate this diverse personalization, there are too many times when the desire for same-ness occupies a priority seat and differences are not appreciated - even ostracized. We've got to keep working on this! 2nd Ave S & 3rd St, Naples, FL


  1. Very unusual weather vane. Nicely seen and photographed!

  2. Many weather vanes in my area - I think when the area was built up in the 1930s the builder liked them. I'll have to photograph more of them.

    diversity - we appreciate more as we get older, by the youth, much as they proclaim they are unique, try so hard to blend in.