Tuesday, March 29, 2011


03.29.11, originally uploaded by colemama.

Seeking soft relaxing wavy curves for my shot today and ended up with angular lines and designs - even the shadow play of nearby palm fronds are primarily straight and linear. Some (often, many!) days, our paths diverge from their original plan! It can be easy to make the 'best of it' until you realize you still need to travel that first path! :) And, then the stress begins to mount...

It always seems that spring is the time of extra demands - perhaps, in anticipation of the ending of a school year or maybe due to the atypical 'routine' that occurs when seasonal folks remain in town or even perceived as such because of the energy loss that occurs after cumulative days, weeks and months of high stakes teaching. The flip side of that strain is the positive breath of new growth indicating the excitement of new beginnings. So, my focus is on the warmth of the sunlight across stucco and the eye-pleasing symmetry in this image...and, of course, the potential for seeing the world in purposeful lenses. 2nd Ave N & 3rd St, Naples, FL

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